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Do you do your homework?

Today, this young lady came to me to show me the most amazing homework.

The first piece is a poster all about cold weather, low temperatures etc. The task was to find out facts about snow, temperatures and generally about the cold. She has done this really well – there are loads of interesting facts but I particularly like the way she has chosen to present her facts in an interesting way. The poster makes it so much more fun to read. By the way, a little bird tells me that Grandad was a very big help so well done to Grandad too!!

Even better though, there is a second piece of amazing homework that shows that this level of effort and commitment is not just a one off. This young lady obviously puts a lot of effort into her work each time.

We have been taking part is the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch and this lovely girl went home and spent her own time looking for birds in her back garden. In the space of just ten minutes she saw seventy birds. Can you believe that?

With a positive, hard working attitude like this she is sure to do well.