A special boy.

DylanI am so lucky to be headteacher of St. Augustine’s School. It allows me to meet and work alongside some amazing children.

Which brings me to this young man. He came to see me this day because he had steadily made his way up the Consequence Ladder until he was able to come and see me and talk about his successful day.

This young man impresses me more and more each day. He tries so hard with everything he does and he is genuinely a delightful, kind, thoughtful boy. To make it even better, he has a wicked, mature sense of humour that regularly makes us all laugh out loud!

What a boy! We will miss him next year.


So proud.

I have been looking at the comment sheets that every pupil in the school has been completing to go in their reports and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I do spend a lot of time working alongside the children in our school so I really do have a good Kamranidea about who is doing what but there were some real surprises in these this year.

Perhaps the biggest one of all came from this young man. I had no idea that he was such a beautiful writer. His handwriting is AMAZING.

I took him by surprise in assembly this morning when I awarded him his pen licence. I wish you could have seen his face – it was amazing and the whole school was so happy for him.

A very proud moment.


There is a job available in FS2 and this little girl is advertising to fill it.

IMG_0223She has asked me to put it up in school and on the blog so that people can apply and she can appoint a new member of staff!

Please go to FS2 if you are interested in the job and they will give you all the details.

What Am I? – Part 4!!


And last but definitely not least, this little boy completes the line up.

Another brilliant riddle. I have seen a lot of this young man recently – particularly for his maths work. This shows that he is not just good at maths but also amazing at writing! He must be very proud of himself.

What do you think?

What Am I? – Part 3

Another amazing riddle, beautifully written by this hard working little girl. She has thought so carefully about how to describe the vegetable and chosen her words carefully. Can you work out what it is?


I really recommend that you go to visit FS2 and ask if you can read these riddles and test yourself. You will be amazed!

What Am I?

The children in FS2 have been writing riddles. It all began when they went out to the allotment and started to think about the vegetables that were growing there.


This young lady has tried so hard and came to test me. The clear, detailed description made it so easy for me to solve the riddle.

Well done!


IMG_0220At the start of the year, the children in Year 5 were set a challenge by Mr. Kelley and Miss. Smith to work through the reading statements and do a piece of work to demonstrate them.

I think that almost everybody forgot. Not this young lady!She came to see me today with an exercise book and it was absolutely jam packed with the work she has completed. And the best bit of all was the fact that every piece of work is of such high quality, nothing is rushed or less than her best. I was amazed. What a star!

Has anyone else taken up this challenge?

A Reformed Character!

This boy does not always find school life easy. However, he is getting some extra help and support and he is starting to change things. He has had an amazing day today and he is just so proud of himself.


We are all thoroughly proud of him too and I really hope that he keeps it up. Perhaps you could say “well done” to him too when you see him?

A Model Pupil

IMG_0218This little girl came to see me today. She is just amazing! She has been doing fantastic role polies, she tries hard with absolutely everything she does, she is kind and polite and we love having her in our school.

She is a model pupil. Aren’t we lucky?